Focus On Leadership For Four Weeks With Your Peers

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Leader.Team’s 4-Week Leadership Foundations groups were designed and created based on my experience as a leader over the last decade.

It comes from my success .... but more importantly my struggles as a leader.

I’ve boiled it down to four key concepts, over four weeks, that I’d want any leader to engage and wrestle with at any stage because they’ve been most impactful, helpful and effective for me.

I also believe these concepts are some of the most neglected in leadership today and sadly, to our organizations and team's detriment.

Here are a couple of benefits designed into these 4-week groups:

  • Focused time to engage with key topics on leading teams -- including leveraging strengths, fostering motivation, and cultivating belonging, meaning and purpose.
  • Learn and grow, together -- This is not a course and it's not designed to be a one-way lecture. It's an interactive peer learning group on leadership. The value is sharing your own and hearing experiences and perspectives from other leaders in the group.
  • Practice key habits of reading and writing -- groups offer guidance and discipline to start or grow these key habits of leadership learning and growth.

I hope you’ll join me for our next Leadership Foundation groups starting in June 2019!

--Cory Miller

Week by Week Topics

  • Week 1 - Knowing Yourself -- learning and then most importantly leaning into your strengths and uniqueness so that you can develop your own authentic brand of leadership, values and approach. Plan to take a couple of strengths assessments if you haven’t - including StrengthsFinders ($20) and VIA Character Strengths (free).
  • Week 2 - The 3 Essential Leadership Practices -- specifically Reading, Writing and Self-Care & Support. Reading keeps you learning and growing as a leader and human, and it opens you up to new ideas that you can apply. Writing helps crystallizes your ideas, vision, beliefs and makes you a better communicator. And self-care and support is critical because if you’re not healthy and taking care of yourself then your people will suffer greatly.
  • Week 3 - Engaging Your People -- how do leaders get the best out of our teams? We'll be talking about human motivation and essentials of engaging team members and ways to practice it.
  • Week 4 - Fostering Your Tribe -- how do leaders unify teams to go far together? We'll talk about creating an environment of shared commitment, contribution and passion by connecting people to a compelling vision through belonging and purpose.

 The Format

Here is what the program looks like:

  • There are two group options being offered in June 2019 (Join the Wait List for our next groups) -- one group meeting on Tuesdays and another group meeting on Wednesdays. (Dates and times listed below)
  • Each group will be limited to 6 people
  • We will meet weekly for 1 hour for 4 weeks online via Zoom web conferencing

Time Commitment

In addition to the weekly 60 minute group meetings, expect to spend about an hour each week in prep for and post-meeting assignments.

Before and After Meeting work is designed to maximize group time on interactive discussions and experiential learning together.

Expectations of Group Members

  • Trust and Respect - no matter how much experience or success we've had, we treat each other as peers
  • Confidentiality - what's said in our Huddles stays in our huddles. Period.
  • Share Experiences Over Advice - during discussions, think first of sharing parallel and concrete experiences of your own before handing out advice to others.
  • Show Up & Participate - minimize distractions in order to protect this sacred time and space, come with an open mind, and be ready to share challenges and struggles you're facing, things you're learning as well as offering your experiences to others.
  • Carry Your Own Bags - we prepare for, organize and handle logistics and scheduling of meetings ... but what you put in to the group is what you get out of it, no one else will do the work for you.

Special Bonuses

  • One-on-One Meeting with Cory Miller -- each group member and I will meet prior to our first group so I can get more context about your leadership situation and understand and help establish goals for our group time.
  • Private access to Leader.Team Slack community -- a place to ask questions, participate in discussions in-between meetings in addition to new Leader.Team content and events.

Invest In Your Leadership!

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