David Novosad

Finance & Operations Exec / Team Leadership & Development

David is a data-driven executive with 18+ years' experience in high growth private and public companies. He has a unique ability to execute strategy while leading dispersed teams engaging all facets of the company. David has success in business turnaround, operational improvement, scale, and M&A.

Currently, he is consulting and advising companies across finance, operations, and strategy. Previously, he held senior positions at Beneco Holdings Company, Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN), Teneros, Neustar, and UltraDNS.

During his time at Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN), the business built a team and sales/support organization for a SaaS offering. He became General Manager & Vice President, Network Intelligence and Availability (NIA) in 2012 leading one of two product lines for Verisign.

David joined Teneros in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer to complete a business overhaul. The company repositioned the business model and instilled a high growth sales team while navigating the down business climate. He came to Teneros from NeuStar, Inc., where he was Vice President of Ultra Services, a division created by the acquisition of UltraDNS by NeuStar in 2006.

At UltraDNS, David was General Manager & Vice President, Corporate Operations and was a cornerstone in defining the direction of the company. David learned lean operations here during the early 2000's, where the team successfully guided UltraDNS through restructure, then profitability and to exit.

David is from Oklahoma and holds an MBA from Oklahoma State University. He met his wife, Chloe, in San Francisco and they immediately began following baseball together. They enjoy spending time with their family and friends, following their sports teams, and being outdoors.

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