Jeff Meziere

Leader, Entrepreneur, and Facilitator of Progress

Jeff Meziere is an Entrepreneur, experienced in owning, operating (leading teams), buying and selling companies. He is enthusiastic about helping small business owners make progress and WIN!

Jeff believes that success comes by execution of strategy, with a focus on customer experience and people (the team).

In 2004, he became a co-owner of Asbury Medical Supply, a start-up home medical equipment provider. He was instrumental in leading the company from infancy (a single desk in the corner of the family pharmacy) through the growth phase into a business that generated sales in excess of $10 Million with a team of 100+ employees, expanding to multiple locations across Oklahoma.

Jeff realized early on that customers had plenty of choices and delivering exceptional customer service was Asbury Medical’s competitive advantage. He dedicated his focus to continuously improving the customer experience; which built loyalty from customers and created advocates within the medical profession referral community.

In 2014, Jeff led the organization through a successful exit. He activated a plan and took advantage of a unique strategic opportunity, finalizing a sale of Asbury Medical Supply to one of the largest healthcare systems in Oklahoma.

Currently, Jeff helps small business owners in the facilitation of strategy by leading execution while focusing on progress and improvement. He implements a structured process and follows a successful framework (Business Cadence) for aligning executive leadership teams and accomplishing goals.

Jeff is a past member and past board member of the Oklahoma Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), a peer-to-peer network of more than 14,000 entrepreneurs across 60+ countries with companies that have revenue over $1 Million annually.

Jeff is a lucky man and has been blessed with a wonderful family; a loving, supportive wife (Leslie) and 4 amazing children. He enjoys family time, travel & adventure, golf, and loves learning new things (currently a student-pilot).

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